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Within these pages are descriptions of how TES data are processed, what are the standard TES data products and where to obtain them, and what are the data formats and the tools to manipulate them.

  • Products: lists TES standard products.
  • Lite Products: provides access to TES reduced size products in netCDF format providing L2 daily data organized by month.
                                     Readme: Release Description/User's Guide

                                     Readme: Validation Report
                                     AIRS-OMI IDL reader

  • Daily ozone: provides access to TES Global Survey and Special Observations of daily ozone in netCDF format.
  • Daily ozone & IRK: provides access to TES Global Survey daily ozone and instantaneous radiative kernels in netCDF format.
  • Tools: describes tools useful for accessing TES L1B, L2, and L3 data.
  • Files: detailed description of data file specifications for L1B, L2, and L3.
  • Data Calendar: updated information on TES data availability in time and space.
  • Validation: current validation status and information regarding ongoing TES validation requirements.

The primary location for obtaining TES data is NASA's Reverb Tool (Reverb). The TES subsetter provides access to the TES L2 subsetter hosted at the ASDC website. The TES Data Sets page at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC ASDC) provides access to software read tools, a Data Pool, and supporting documentation. Users of TES data are encouraged to contact the TES science team for further guidance on successfully applying and interpreting the data products.

The Aura Validation Data Center (AVDC) hosts an data archive site for preliminary TES data for validation and other science activities. Aura data including that from TES may be accessed from Aura .

The TES Search and Subsetting Application allows users to search for and subset TES datasets stored at the NASA Langley Atmospheric Science Data Center (ASDC). The web interface allows for selection criteria for desired species by date range(s) and/or geospatial coverage. Search results can be generated in either HDF or netCDF file format.

Ozone profiles reprocessing (v004)

Ozone profiles with surface pressure larger than 1030 hPa should not be used in current v004 TES data set. This condition of surface pressure occurs in approximately 1.5% of target scenes processed thus far. These target scenes have been identified in the TES O3 HDF product files through the data field Pressure; those target scenes indicating a non-fill Pressure of greater than 1030 hPa should be ignored. The targets with this error can also be identified by the presence of negative AveragingKernelDiagonal values (< -0.01). An update to the v004 software will fix the problem with these targets, and all targets listed in these tables will be reprocessed before v004 processing is completed.

Re-processing for v004 was completed on March 11, 2010.