For information on the status of a specific species, please refer to the TES Data Validation Report (Version F08_11 Data) .

Validation Papers

For further information, refer to the appropriate validation report.

Current Status

The most recent version string for all TES data products is F08_11. TES Level 1B radiances (current version is V6) have undergone rigorous validation. TES Level 2 products (current version is V7) have undergone extensive quality control and validation testing, and include updates to improve nadir temperature products and all limb products.

Currently, the TES L2 products that are that are validated with known biases and ready for scientific use are nadir retrievals of ozone, carbon monoxide, temperature, water vapor, water isotopologue, methane, carbon dioxide, and ammonia. Users are encouraged to contact the TES science team for data applications.

Species Validation Status
Nadir Ozone Validated Stage 3
Nadir Carbon Monoxide Validated Stage 3
Nadir Temperature Validated Stage 3
Nadir Water (Lower/Middle Troposphere) Validated Stage 3
Nadir Water (Upper Troposphere) Validated Stage 2
Sea Surface Temperature Validated Stage 3
Nadir Methane Validated Stage 2
Cloud Properties Validated Stage 2
Water Isotopologue (HDO/H2O) Validated Stage 1
Nadir Carbon Dioxide Validated Stage 2
Nadir Ammonia Validated Stage 1
Nadir Formic Acid (HCOOH) Provisional
Nadir Methanol (CH3OH) Provisional
Nadir Peroxyacetyl (PAN) Provisional
Nadir Carbonyl Sulfide (OCS) Validated Stage 1
Instantaneous Radiative Kernel (IRK) Provisional

Note: TES L2 limb products (Nitric Acid, Ozone, Temperature and Water) are provisionally validated but are not included in the above table

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