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AIRS-OMI combined Ozone Global Maps Available at AVDC 09.21.2018

This TES team has produced and delivered new AIRS-OMI combined Level 2 (L2) ozone profile products that have global coverage. The processed data for spans multiple seaons from 2006-2018 and is now available at the [[LINK||||AVDC]] in the same file format as TES data.

KORUS-AQ AIRS-OMI combined Ozone Regional Maps Available at AVDC 03.07.2018

This TES team has produced and delivered new KORUS AQ AIRS-OMI combined Level 2 (L2) ozone profile products that have regional coverage over the Korean penninsula. The KORUS-AQ campaign is an international cooperative air quality field study over Korea. The processed data for spring 2016 is now available at the [[LINK||||AVDC]] in the same file format as TES data.

Farewell to a Pioneering Pollution Sensor 02.14.2018
On Jan. 31, NASA ended the Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer's (TES) almost 14-year career of discovery. Launched in 2004 on NASA's Aura spacecraft, TES was the first instrument designed to monitor ozone in the lowest layers of the atmosphere directly from space. Its high-resolution observations led to new measurements of atmospheric gases that have altered our understanding of the Earth system. more >>
NASA-led Study Solves a Methane Puzzle 01.02.2018
A new NASA-led study has solved a puzzle involving the recent rise in atmospheric methane, a potent greenhouse gas, with a new calculation of emissions from global fires. The new study resolves what looked like irreconcilable differences in explanations for the increase. more >>
New AIRS-OMI combined Ozone product available at the AVDC 12.10.2017
The TES team has pioneered the combination of thermal infrared and utlraviolet spectral radiation from multiple instruments to infer the composition of the atmosphere with enhanced accuracy relative to either instrument alone ([[LINK||../uploadedfiles/Worden_et_al-2007-Geophysical_Research_Letters.pdf||Worden et al, 2007]], [[LINK||../uploadedfiles/acp-13-3445-2013.pdf||Fu et al, 2017]]). This approach has been applied to the EOS AIRS ([[LINK||||]]) infrared and OMI ([[LINK||||]]) ultraviolet data in close collaboration with each instrument team to yield tropospheric ozone with accuracies similar to TES. more >>
New Study Shows the Amazon Makes Its Own Rainy Season 07.28.2017
A new study gives the first observational evidence that the southern Amazon rainforest triggers its own rainy season using water vapor from plant leaves. more >>
Here are some of the world’s worst cities for air quality 03.21.2017
These are some of the cities with the world’s worst air quality, according to a new analysis of four major gases associated with air pollution: ammonia, formic acid, methanol, and ozone. The findings could help scientists better understand how geography and other local conditions play a role in determining air quality. more >>
Pollution on the Move 10.20.2016
AURA satellite instrument teams (TES & OMI) track the path of ozone from a major source - China, the world's biggest greenhouse gas emitter. more >>
NASA's TES Satellite Instrument Gives New Insight into Water Cycle 09.03.2015
NASA satellite measurements have given scientists a better understanding of what happens to rain and snow that fall on land, with a few surprising findings. more >>
Ozone pollution from near and far 08.10.2015
Tropospheric ozone is generated from precursor pollutants, but can be blown far afield. more >>
Rapid increases in tropospheric ozone production and export from China 08.10.2015
Rapid population growth and industrialization have driven substantial increases in Asian ozone precursor emissions over the past decade. Global efforts may be required to address regional air quality and climate change. more >>
Hydrologic connectivity constrains partitioning of global terrestrial water fluxes 07.10.2015
Continental precipitation not routed to the oceans as runoff returns to the atmosphere as evapotranspiration. Partitioning this evapotranspiration flux into interception, transpiration, soil evaporation, and surface water evaporation is difficult using traditional hydrological methods, yet critical for understanding the water cycle and linked ecological processes. more >>
ATMOS 2015 conference 06.08.2015
The ATMOS 2015 conference was held on June 8-12, 2015, at the University of Greece, Crete more >>
TES version 6 Processing Complete 04.03.2015
The version 6 reprocessing campaign is now complete and now performing forward processing only more >>
2014 Aura Science Team Meeting 09.15.2014
The 2014 Aura Science Team meeting was held on September 15th -18th in College Park, MD more >>
The TES instrument recovered from a stall in the Interferometer Control Subsystem. 07.07.2014
On July 8th 2014 the TES instrument recovered from a stall in the Interferometer Control Subsystem. more >>
2014 Aura TES science team meeting 03.04.2014
The Aura TES science team meeting will be held at Greenbelt MD on Sep 15, 2014 through Sep 19, 2014. more >>
2013 Aura TES science team meeting 01.18.2013
The Aura TES science team meeting will be held at Harvard University from March 18th through March 20th 2013. more >>
NASA Ozone Study May Benefit Air Standards, Climate (Press Release) 01.16.2013
A new NASA-led study finds that when it comes to combating global warming caused by emissions of ozone-forming chemicals, location matters. more >>
TES version 5 Processing Complete 01.15.2013
The version 5 reprocessing campaign is now complete and now performing forward processing only! more >>
TES Dataset Now In NETCDF 09.13.2012
Check out the new NETCDF version of TES products indexed by date rather than run ID more >>
Aura 2012 Conference October 1-3 08.28.2012
EOS Aura Science Team Meeting (1-3 October 2012) Pasadena Convention Center, California, USA more >>
CO and 03 time series for 2008 12.08.2009
A new animation showing the time series of total column CO and tropospheric column O3 as measured by TES for 2008 has been posted on the TES Movies page. more >>
Detecting and Tracking Changes in Atmospheric Composition 10.26.2009
Satellite Observations for Detecting and Tracking Changes in Atmospheric Composition more >>
2009 Fall AGU Meeting 10.19.2009
The 2009 Fall AGU Meeting will be held in San Francisco, CA from December 14-18, 2009 more >>
MOHAVE & Houston 2009 campaign support 10.01.2009
TES supports MOHAVE 2009 and Houston 2009 campaigns. more >>
2009 Aura Science Team Meeting 09.21.2009
The 2009 Aura Science Team meeting was held on September 14th -17th in Leiden, The Netherlands. more >>
2009 IGARSS Conference 07.20.2009
The 2009 IEEE International Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symposium, July 12-17th, 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa more >>
TES Senior Review: June 25, 2009 05.25.2009
The TES Senior Review will be held in Arlington, VA on June 25, 2009. more >>
14th Atmospheric Science from Space Workshop 03.09.2009
The 14th International Workshop on Atmospheric Science from Space using Fourier Transform Spectrometry (ASSFTS), May 6–8, 2009, Florence, Italy. more >>
The Other Greenhouse Gas: Water Vapor 02.05.2009
Dr. John Worden (TES research scientist) provides insight into the use of water vapor trends in the analysis and modeling of Earth's climate system. more >>
Winter '09 TES Science Team Meeting 01.21.2009
The Winter '09 TES Science Team Meeting will be held February 23rd - 25th at the NCAR Foothills Laboratory in Boulder, CO. more >>
Water vapour study to provide climate clues 10.15.2008
TES is helping to provide new information on the processes that control the humidity of the subtropical Pacific. more >>
2008 Aura Science Team Meeting 10.02.2008
The 2008 Aura Science Team Meeting will be held October 27th - 30th at the Sheraton Conference Center in Columbia, MD more >>
Fires in Northern California 08.04.2008
TES profiles for the vertical distribution of carbon monoxide emitted by the many wildfires burning in Northern California in late June/early July 2008, illustrate the fires' impact on air quality. more >>
Global Survey Revised 06.08.2008
The TES Science team eliminated all Global Survey observations south of -60 degrees latitude. more >>
TES Goes to Garfield 04.18.2008
TES science team members, Greg Osterman and Ming Luo, participated in Career Night at Garfield Elementary School in Alhambra, CA. more >>
Planetary Society podcast starring TES! (Dec 2007) 01.17.2008
Dr. Annmarie Eldering was interviewed by Matt Kaplan of the Planetary Society, and talked about TES measurements and some of the newest scientific findings. more >>
Atmospheric Science from Space 12.10.2007
TES team members attended the ASSFTS (Atmospheric Science from Space using Fourier Transform Spectrometers) meeting in November 2007 in Toulouse, France, and joined in discussions of the new results from spaceborne FTS instruments.
AGU Fall 2007 Meeting 12.10.2007
Members of the TES team will present talks and posters on their latest scientific findings at the Fall AGU Meeting in San Francisco, Dec 10-14, 2007.
Fall '07 Science Team Meeting 08.29.2007
The Fall '07 TES Science Team Meeting will be held Sept 6th and 7th at Harvard University in Boston, MA. more >>
L3 data available mid-May 07 07.19.2007
The TES SIPS has installed the Level 3 software: the first Level 3 HDF5 grid data will be available from the ASDC site by mid-May.

Level 3 provides a global averaged data set with daily and monthly products available. more >>
A NASA Space Sleuth Hunts the Trail of Earth's Water 01.31.2007
NASA's newest detective in the mysteries of atmospheric water vapor tracks observations of heavy and light water vapor to retrace the "history" of water over oceans and continents, from ice and liquid to vapor and back again. more >>
Postdoc opportunities 10.05.2006
The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Postdoctoral Scholars Program at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) invites applicants for two postdoctoral research positions with the Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer (TES) group. more >>
NASA Study Tracks Global Sources, Transport of Air Pollution 09.25.2006
A NASA and university study of ozone and carbon monoxide pollution in Earth's atmosphere is providing unique insights into the sources of these pollutants and how they are transported around the world. more >>
TES Data Reveals Pollution Drift Patterns 08.31.2006
By investigating the relationship between ozone and carbon monoxide, science investigators using TES data are able to detect pollution drift patterns, and may also be able to reveal ozone sources. more >>
TES Science Team Meeting, Nov 13 & 14, 2006 in Pasadena 07.12.2006
The TES science team meeting will be held at the University of Phoenix in Pasadena on Nov 13 & 14, 2006. We will discuss instrument status, validation, science results, science planning, and algorithm changes.
TES Science Team Meeting 01.30.2006
When: Thursday afternoon and Friday, Feb 23-24, 2006
Making Measurements That Count 04.01.2005
JPL Profile for TES Science Investigator Helen Worden more >>
ASSFTS 12 Workshop 01.10.2005
Atmospheric Science from Space using Fourier Transform Spectrometry
in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada at Loews Le Concorde, May 18-20, 2005. more >>
Aura Launch 07.15.2004
Aura was successfully lauched at 10:01:59.344 UTC (~03:02 Pacific Time) on July 15, 2004 from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. more >>
Aura Arrives at Vandenberg 04.01.2004
Aura was transported from NGST to Vandenberg Air Force Base, California to begin launch preparations. The spacecraft will undergo final tests and integration with a Boeing Delta II rocket for a scheduled launch in June.
TES Delivered to NGST 04.28.2003
The TES instrument was delivered to NGST (Northrop Grumman Space Technology in Redondo Beach, California) for spacecraft integration on April 28, 2003.