TROPESS products are written in NetCDF format. The following link provides a list of software and tools for manipulating and displaying NetCDF (*.nc) data files:

Code examples for product usage from different programming languages, including Python, Matlab, and IDL, are available at:

Command Line Utilities

The ncdump tool can be used as a simple browser, to display the dimension names and sizes; variable names, types, and shapes; attribute names and values; and optionally, the values of data for all variables or selected variables in a netCDF file. The most common use of ncdump is with the -h option, in which only the header information is displayed.

For details see:

GUI Tools

Panoply: Panoply as a good generic and free visualization tool for any netCDF file and is available here:

HDFView: HDFView is a visual tool for browsing and editing HDF files and can also be used with netCDF files. It can be downloaded from here: