Product Information
ParametersNH3 profile, NH3 total column
Data Product ProvenanceMUSES Version 1.10
Approximate file size15 MB for this collection
Spatial coverageRegular collections have global coverage:
  • Nominal latitude range: 70 N to 50 S
  • Nominal longitude range: -180 to 180
Special collections: Spatial coverage varies by collection
Temporal coverageEach L2 Standard file contains 1 day of data
File formatNetcdf
Vertical sensitivityAmmonia is concentrated mainly in the boundary layer. Estimates of ammonia concentrations from thermal infrared satellite observations are most sensitive to NH3 variability between 900 and 650 mb. However, sensitivity depends on the observed scene parameters such as thermal contrast , cloud optical depth and boundary layer thickness. Users should assess individual retrieval sensitivity using the averaging kernel (AK) for NH3 profiles, and degrees of freedom for signal (DFS) or column AK for total column NH3.
Data qualityThe data have undergone a pre-quality check, which involves checks for retrieval convergence and measurement sensitivity. There are no checks for clouds or land versus ocean. However, AIRS NH3 retrievals over ocean use a low level background prior, and will rarely provide any information; this also applies to AIRS and CrIS retrievals over medium to thick clouds. CrIS retrievals over ocean may occasionally show unphysically high values, which should not be used.
UncertaintyUncertainty on the profiles and columns varies from 10 to 50%, with larger uncertainties on smaller amounts.
Validation StageProvisional”, according to NASA guidelines
Retrieval Levels14 levels from surface to TOA
Data Information