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ParametersO3 profile
Data Product ProvenanceMUSES Version 1.10
Approximate file size30 MB
Spatial coverage<span>Regular collections have global coverage:</span><ul><li>Nominal latitude range: 70 N to 50 S</li><li>Nominal longitude range: -180 to 180</li></ul><span>Special collections: Spatial coverage varies by collection</span>
Temporal coverageEach L2 nominal Standard file contains 1 day of data
File formatNetcdf
Vertical sensitivityThe ozone profiles typically have sensitivity between approximately 800 hPa and the upper stratosphere. There is sensitivity in the retrievals to ozone in the troposphere, often around 0.8-1.2 degrees of freedom
Data qualityThe data have undergone a pre-quality check, which involves checks for retrieval convergence. There are no checks for clouds or land versus ocean as we do not find these to substantively affect the quality of the retrieval as long as the retrieval has converged. The ozone data has undergone some preliminary validation compared to ozonesondes, with a much more thorough evaluation currently underway
UncertaintyUncertainties on vertically-averaged ozone values between 825.4 and 10 hPa are estimated to vary between 0.2-0.9 ppb for a single sounding.
Validation StageStage 2 according to NASA guidelines <br /><a href="https://science.nasa.gov/earth-science/earth- science-data/data-maturity-levels" target="_blank">https://science.nasa.gov/earth-science/earth- science-data/data-maturity-levels</a>
Retrieval Levels26 levels: from surface to top-of-atmosphere
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