Product Information
ParametersTATM profile
Data Product ProvenanceMUSES Version 1.11
Approximate file size130MB
Spatial coverageRegular collections have global coverage:
Nominal latitude range: 70 N to 50 S
Nominal longitude range: -180 to 180

Special collections: Spatial coverage varies by collection
Temporal coverageEach L2 Standard file contains 1 day of data.
File formatNetcdf
Vertical sensitivityEstimates of atmospheric temperature typically have the greatest sensitivity between 825 hPa and 100 hPa, with significant sensitivity in the stratosphere. However, sensitivity depends on observed scene parameters such as thermal contrast and can be variable. Users should assess individual retrieval sensitivity using the averaging kernel (AK) for TATM profiles and degrees of freedom for signal (DOFS).
Data qualityThe L2 Standard data products have undergone a pre-quality check, which involves checks for retrieval convergence and measurement sensitivity. There are no checks for clouds or land versus ocean as we do not find these to substantively affect the quality of the retrieval as long as the retrieval has converged. Note that retrievals over thick clouds will not be sensitive to TATM below the clouds.
UncertaintyProfiles levels have approximately 0.5 K observational error (does not include vertical smoothing error).
Validation StageStage 2 according to NASA guidelines
Retrieval Levels31 levels: from surface to top-of-atmosphere
Data Information